"I can't imagine anyone not joining Heritage!"

When you sit down and do the math, it's better to join than to pay each time you play.  With so much to offer, Heritage is offering more for your money than any golf course around.

After all, when you've shopped around and compared your options, there really is not a better buy for your golf budget than a membership at Heritage.  All you need do is add the number of times you play in a month and divide it into the total dues.  Not only are you playing at a great rate, but you are also receiving so much more!  Do you consider it a bargain for what you are getting?  It should be an investment  you feel proud of.CIMG3061.jpg

Our members enjoy not only Golf, but Tennis, Sports Club events, Member Dinners, Club Tournaments and Rent-free use of all our facilities whenever they need them.  We are here to enhance your life and make it so much better!  You can contact us at 205-274-2390 and ask for Joan for more membership information.  We have a plan just right for your lifestyle!

Heritage Golf
1364 Heritage Road
Oneonta, Alabama 35121
For more information on how to become a member click here.